War of the Realms

The War of the Realms is considered to have been the largest and bloodiest war that Valacirya has seen to date. It began with an event known as the Vestan Pilgrimage (from Demaran Vesteas, “South”) in year 996 of the First Age, when a million-man army of men, elves, dwarves and halflings led by Pelor, Moradin, Corellon Larethian and Yondalla marched from the south into Caer Pelannon, the center of civilization in Belagere. There was a great siege that lasted for nearly the entirety of the War, and the war finally ended 123 years later in year 119 of the Second Age with the fall of Caer Pelannon.

Notable Battles

*The Assault on Malar’Kain, FA 998, October 4

  • The Siege of Caer Pelannon, FA 998, March 22- SA 119, November 4
  • The Siege of Windsong City, SA 9, April 14 – August 1
  • The Storm on the Halo, SA 49, June 1 – December 9
  • The Push for Nortus, SA 50, February 12 – 18
  • The Battle at the South Gate, dubbed “The Final Stand of Emperor Keriel”, SA 110, May 13-14

Notable Deaths of the Firm Legion

  • Alari, First Master of the Orange Cloak of Meliane
  • Liriel, First Master of the Green Cloak of Rian
  • Jarrek, First Master of the Red Cloak of Kaetar
  • Daniah, Second Master of the Red Cloak of Kaetar
  • Gorfell, First Master of the Yellow Cloak of Jarkur
  • Keriel II, Third Emperor of the United Empire of the Firmament
  • Kaesta, Second Master of the Blue Cloak of Valiar1

Notable Deaths of the Armies of Pelor

  • Moradin, the General of the Dwarven Forces of Pelor
  • Dvergal, First Lieutenant of Moradin’s Forces


After the end of the war, the surviving wanderers and other notable individuals were captured by Pelor’s forces and imprisoned in a hastily constructed prison at the ruin of Caer Pelannon, along with Beric (stripped of his prism). An escape plan was formulated and Beric successfully freed himself and all other prisoners taken by Pelor and fled north to the last remaining outposts of the Firm Legion that had yet to be fully conquered. These troops he rallied into an army ten thousand strong and followed Pelor as he marched to the East across the central plains of Belagere, accompanied by Osmir, the Second Master of the Yellow Cloak of Jarkur, Syrio, the First Master of the Violet Cloak of Altara, and Kaesta, the Second Master of the Blue Cloak of Valiar. All of his forces marched east and confronted the armies of Pelor upon the plains. There was a great battle, and Pelor’s thirty thousand remaining forces were reduced to twelve thousand, while Beric’s troops suffered nine thousand casualties, including his daughter Kaesta. The power commanded in this battle reduced the entirety of the plains of Belagere to an entirely waterless desert, uninhabited and with ground containing so much residual energy that magic near it, within it, or even across it is impossible. Infuriated by his daughter’s death at the hands of Moradin, Beric donned the Blue Cloak and marched his last thousand troops after Pelor. Pelor ordered his troops to take refuge in the Temple of Kaetar, a structure built by the Azers before the raising of Azera out of the ocean by Kaetar. There was a battle the intensity of which was far greater than the previous, and Pelor was reduced to an estimated 1900 troops as well as losing Moradin in a one-on-one fight with Beric, while the only survivors on the side of Beric were himself, Syrio, Osmir, and a handful of Ryali. These people then traveled back across the wastes unpursued by Pelor’s forces and assumed new identities with which to blend in to the now divided empire. Beric hid his grey cloak for fear of retaliation or even a new war on the Kor’Akhvel, and adopted the alias “Waymer”. Syrio travelled to the East, across the desert once more, and founded a great city on the other side of the wastes. Osmir returned to Kelmara with the eight surviving Kelmar and the Azers returned to Azera. All of the Peleari fell in battle during the war, and all but one shipful of Demarans did also. Tales of the War passed into song and legend, and the greatest bards know of the world’s history before the New Gods, before the world was divided and the great nations of elves, men, dwarves and halflings forgot those who once they warred against… for a time.

1 Kaesta was killed by Moradin during the first battle of Beric’s final attempt to defeat Pelor.

War of the Realms

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