Half-Orc Barbarian


Fifth level Barbarian
Greataxe, short bow, brass knuckles


After being shuffled from place to place during his early life, Torgnan found solace in hand-to-hand combat. When he came of age, he became a mercenary, often working as a caravan guard. In particular, many of his jobs took him across the desert, where he gained some experience in dealing with it. His life up to the point he joined the party has been mostly uneventful, though he seems to be hiding something when spoken to, a strange thing for someone who despises sneaks and the slippery tongued. He claims (rather unconvincingly) the caravan he had been escorting across the Wastes was killed, but prefers not to go into detail about it.

Upon the use of spells and questioning (which he does not, thanks to Ne’Arel, remember) Torgnan spilled the beans on his more recent history. Following the drunken rape of a barmaid, Torgnan was consumed by guilt and─more importantly─fear. Eventually, this fear overcame good judgement and he murdered in the night the caravan that had hired him.

His more straightforward way of dealing with things has been demonstrated time and again, most recently, most notably, in his pummeling of a stable-master in Corullon to prevent a serious screwing out of money.


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