Claran Taidan (Dar'Lomn)

Seriousness within a spontaneous shell. Remarkably likeable.


Not much is known about Claran Taidan, other than that he is the younger brother of the Sentinel Aelem Taidan (his alias, Dar’Lomn, translates directly to young brother). He is an alarmingly capable planar traveler despite lacking any other known magical ability, and although he appears to never take anyone or anything seriously (except perhaps the Old Gods), he gives everything careful consideration before taking any action at all (in short, there is, in fact, a method to Claran’s madness). Ajani Baran (Ne’Arel) once remarked that Dar’Lomn was the most capable martial combatant of all the Sentinels, making up for his lack of brute strength with unparallelled speed and flowing swordsmanship as well as an astounding ability to relieve opponents of their weapons. If there is one thing that any can be certain of regarding Dar’Lomn, it is that underneath his lovable exterior is an almost impossibly potent melee combatant who no mortal would dare cross with his weapon drawn.

He accompanied the party to the Valley of Life to break the Pact after arriving rather abruptly on the deck of their ship. His explanation for his elusiveness is that he was hunting a merchant in the Concordant Domain of the Outlands who had shorted him five silver pieces. He was the last Sentinel to leave the Vali’Akhvel Pelannoni (old tongue; translates directly to highest lords’ cities but is more commonly translated as cities of the gods), with only Bart Wilhelm leaving behind him. He attempted to aid the party’s escape from the Valley by jumping to the deck of the ship and taking it with him through Aelem’s teleportation, but it merely wrecked in the sand and is likely irreparable without more supplies and manpower.

He is now in Royce with the party, aiding in the overthrow of Darean.

Claran Taidan (Dar'Lomn)

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