Aelem Taidan

More muscular than muscle itself.


Aelem Taidan is perhaps the most bookish of any of the Sentinels, enjoying reading (and drinking) more than any of the other three. His talent for magic (and drinking) is unparallelled by nearly any other individual in the world, and his affinity for nature (and drinking) makes him a rather unique fellow.

Before becoming a Sentinel, he was the keeper of the library of Shel Kalan, one of the largest repositories of knowledge in all of Nan Gahar, which contributed to his vast intellect. He and his younger brother, Claran Taidan (Dar’Lomn), are today perhaps the most mysterious of the Sentinels.

Before the War of the Realms, he was stationed in Belagere to keep the Azers and the Gnomes from erupting into war with one another (even to this day, their relations are unfriendly at best). He was successful, if only because Kaetar forcibly moved the Azers to what is now Azera as a punishment for their arrogance. If not for this, war was likely inevitable. After the need for his presence in Belagere no longer existed, he followed the Azers to their new domain to keep the peace there.

When the War of the Realms erupted, Aelem gathered what Azeran troops were willing to aid the Gnomes in any way and moved them to Belagere near Caer Pelannon. When Jarrek, the First Master of the Red Cloak of Kaetar, was killed in the siege of Caer Pelannon (FA 998 – SA 119), many Azeran soldiers’ morale was devastated, and at the death of Jarrek’s successor to the cloak, Daniah, during Beric’s pursuit of Pelor’s forces, the Azers that remained lost what little hope they had left. They returned to Azera after their king, Galan Yathrin, agreed to the Treaty of Non-interruption in SA 122, and Aelem continued to live in Azera.

After founding the Diviners’ Consortium in Skollr, TA 915, Aelem began spending most of his time on the southern coasts of Azera, often gone for a decade or more before returning to Skollr. He was found by the party at his hut on the southern coast, pioneering a cure for headaches, and asked for help with the war effort, to which he agreed.

He monitored the health of Beric for nearly ten months while Beric was comatose after losing a leg in the Jarle Wastes.

Aelem Taidan

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