The Two Banner War: Part Two

The Hunt for Aelem, Session 2
A dungeon? Yes. A dragon? Probably not.

The party began in Eastport, Azera. After claiming their reward for annihilating the bandit camp, Warden and Gawain rejoined the rest of the party, who purchased rams, received an immediate refund for said rams, and then made off toward the capital, Sköllr. After arriving, they proceeded without delay to the castle, where they spoke with King Zvarahi Beldak II and had considerable fun repeating his title, Val’Shadoste. They were pointed to two locations – the first, the house of the treasurer, Mogir Baern, and the second a mages’ guild founded by Aelem called the Diviners’ Consortium. After receiving their reward for returning both the Altara’s Promise and the head of captain Alyri to Governess Amashi Valadera, they went to the Consortium where they spoke with Augur Troian Vala, the head of the college. He informed the adventurers that he knew where Aelem was, but that before he would tell them the location of the Sentinel, he required four ingredients for an “Elixir of Immortality” which he was too frail to retrieve himself. After using their surplus of precious metals to purchase an equally valuable, far more practical surplus of precious metals, they traveled to the south to enter the Deeps of Kur-Arn, where Augur Troian said they would find the Stone of Kur-Arn, and said cryptically that “they would know it when they saw it”. They entered the dark depths and made an immediate right hand turn (against Gawain’s better judgment) into a room packed with ankhegs, which immediately attacked the adventurers. After slaying the ankhegs while hiding behind Gawain and Pyxidi (whose new-found strength was cause for the death of many sad ankhegs), they made a decision to continue down the large dungeon corridor.

The Journey as of late...

The party, now a group of 6, has traveled to Demara. Beginning by ship, the adventurers set out upon a 3 month journey to the dead continent. They were met by an ancient and dark foe, the Wordless. With the help of the newly restored Ne’Arel (Nerull), who single-handedly killed all of the Wordless on board, the group was able to escape the ship as it sank. Ne’Arel was able to teleport the entire party to Demara where they visited the apparent ruins of an ancient Demaran city.
To be continued….

January 21st

Yo dawg we b pirates now


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