Warden's Sickle (Brethar)

A darkened steel sickle with a dragontooth pommel. Coated in Azeran mithril and inlaid with Firm Silver

weapon (melee)

+3 Attack Bonus/1d6 +3 Damage/x2 Critical/Slash


Warden‘s sickle is his most prized possession. Crafted by William Alder(Will the blacksmith), it is made of darkened steel and etched with elven runes. It’s double edged as well, making it a deadly,but unsuspecting weapon.
Beric later fitted it with a pommel made from a tooth from the Master green dragon, A’albretharr . This modification gave the sickle it’s commonly known name: Bretharr
Bretharr is enchanted.

Warden's Sickle (Brethar)

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