Warden Throrn

Master of none



8th Rogue
2nd Swiftblade

Basic stats

Ability scores:


Health and such:


Base saves:


  • Rapier
  • Shortbow
  • Dagger
  • Warden’s Sickle (Brethar)- +3 Attack Bonus/1d6 +3 Damage/x2 Critical/Slash

Warden was raised among humans after his parents were murdered by members of the Greater Clergy of Pelor in a direct assault on the Roycian Church of Heironeous. He was not of the age to fully comprehend their death, and his memory of it was mostly forgotten until the old wounds of it were reopened in a conflict with a priest of Pelor. His last name was changed to hide his true identity, and as such he grew up knowing nothing of it. He later learned his true name, Throrn, and a little about his parents. He is often haunted by vague visions and dreams of his parents’ demise. He feels no need for vengeance, but he strives to fight the dangers of godly warfare.

Warden grew up in Almeria under the roof of Gawain Blise’s father, who had been a friend to House Throrn. Warden and Gawain were raised in a somewhat morally ambiguous environment. Warden continued down his roguish path even after the death of Gawain’s father, even when Gawain began his self-righteous path towards “good.”

Warden does not trust most of the members of his party. He still remains friends with Gawain, but always tries to keep a watchful eye on him. The tensions between Warden and Gawain subsided after Gawain’s near death in the Jarl Wastes. Ajani Baran (Ne’Arel) is somewhat of a father figure to Warden. Somewhat ironically, the only person Warden trusts fully is the former god of death, who has a habit of reading other peoples’ minds.

Weapon Details

Warden’s sickle, Brethar, is made of darkened steel and has a pommel made from the tooth of the Master Green Dragon A’albrethar. Coated in Azeran mithral and inlaid with firm silver.

Armour Details

Warden’s armour is a family heirloom passed on to him after his parents were murdered. In its original state, the armour gave no more protection than basic leather armour, but he commissioned William Alder to make the armour more durable. The blacksmith added thin steel plating to the vambraces and greaves of Warden’s armour, also covering it with black cloth. Warden later had those steel plates replaced with mithril plates, making them lighter and more durable.

Warden Throrn

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