The Wordless

Dark servants of Pelor. Not to be taken lightly.


The Wordless were six beings of great power that were enlisted by Pelor just before the War of the Realms to watch the dark underbelly of his new territory and, if necessary, use force or cunning to quash any sort of rebellion against him. They were humanoid in shape and size, but their skin was pale and they invariably wore dark brown robes and a gold ring bearing the sun of Pelor. Their most distinctive feature (and indeed the one they were named for) was their complete lack of a mouth; where one would have been, there was only smooth pale skin. They had the unique ability to convey messages back and forth to one another without the ability to speak, but whether this was by some form of telepathy or simply an advanced understanding of body language remains unknown.

All of the known Wordless were killed in combat with the Sentinel Ne’Arel aboard the sinking wreckage of The Jarle in the Great Sea between Belagere and Demara. Their bodies have not been recovered, and it is agreed upon by those who know of their death that they are long since sunken into the depths of the sea.

It was revealed by Ne’Arel that it was he who brought the Wordless onto the boat in a ploy to force Beric to return Ne’Arel’s power. Ne’Arel was aware that he could have confronted and defeated the Wordless even without the power of the Sentinels, but Beric was not.

The Wordless

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