An exceptionally powerful immortal mage. What more could you want?


Luwan Taridin, called Bak’Shor Duum (ancient tongue; translates directly to he who brings the night) by those scholars that know of him, is a very powerful Atnuuli mage, possibly the most powerful in known history. He was among only six survivors of the Banishment of the Atnuuli by the Artisan. Ne’Arel told the adventurers that Luwan’s reason for attacking Beric and causing the feud between the Sentinels and himself was Luwan’s belief that anyone who is not strong enough to defend their beliefs in battle does not deserve to live. However, it was recently discovered by Aelem that Ne’Arel’s memory was altered by Luwan (most likely as a result of Ne’Arel’s use of the Prism containing Luwan’s soul), and so this may or may not be true.

Luwan is very tall, much taller even than Beric (his height is estimated at just over seven feet tall). His hair is dark brown, nearly black, and his skin is very pale. His face is angular, and he is wickedly handsome and charismatic. His voice flows with a smoothness unlike any but the wisest rulers of ages long gone. He wears a crimson robe and a grey cloak with crimson triangle patterns on it.

According to Aelem and Ne’Arel, before the Banishment of the Atnuuli, Luwan was a student of the arcane arts; an aspiring young mage who was just learning to control the spark of magic he had been born with. He was only saved from banishment by pure chance; he happened to be outside the Baran home, but close enough to Beric that Beric’s bubble of stasis extended to reach him. Afterward, according to Ne’Arel, Beric tried to convince Luwan to become a Sentinel. Luwan disagreed based on his belief that any who could not defend their beliefs should not live, and eventually his argument with Beric escalated into a physical confrontation. Beric defeated Luwan and imprisoned his soul, in five parts, inside Prisms that he created. However, a part of Luwan’s soul was able to escape imprisonment. This part manifested itself in a physical being named Darean (it is unknown whether Darean existed before Luwan’s soul came to control the body, or if Luwan’s remaining soul fragment was strong enough to create a physical body all its own). Darean later opened the Rift of Pelear (allowing the Dragons and the New Gods to enter Valacirya). He then became advisor to Beric himself when Beric was the Sixth King of Demara. When Beric and Gaeryth took their troops to Belagere to fight the War of the Realms, Darean was left in charge. He opened a rift to another plane and brought the Baki’Kan (ancient tongue; translates directly to twisted ones) onto Demara, where they slaughtered all its people. While Darean gave the illusion that he was the leader of a group of survivors (according to a correspondence between Beric and himself) who were holding out against the twisted ones, in actuality he was the only survivor. Luwan’s power increased dramatically after Beric’s Prism shattered in the ruins of Balmyr Pelannon under Demara, allowing a portion of his ancient soul back into his body.

It was recently revealed by “Jim” that Luwan is a lich, which explains his agelessness. It was also discovered that the generals Hextor, Wee Jas and Vecna had massed their troops with his, creating a force 600,000 strong on the dead continent of Pelear.


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