Jim Picard-Spock (Riktof)

Half-elven Sorcerer



Staff of mumblety-mumble
Er, magic

Beverly Crusher, viper

(Affected) Impulsive nutcase.
A disregard for human emotion and life, except in the case of those he cares for.


Jim Picard-Spock spent his early life on a farm in Royce, where he cultivated his magical abilities in secret and first felt the spark of curiosity. His father utterly despised magic, the origin of his deep-seated but well hidden paranoia. When he felt capable enough magically, he fled his childhood home and instead traveled throughout Royce. Wary of authority figures, he often tries to avoid orders given him, though he has made exception (somewhat) with Beric and the other Sentinels.
Picard-Spock initially introduces himself to all people as “Rictof,” the name of an hallucination he experienced of a man dressed in a black cloak with red trim, wielding an arm-length sword fitted with a ruby in the pommel whom he believes will be the harbinger of his death. While this is the only episode of its kind, it only contributes to his increasing paranoia and the growing avarice he has for knowledge. But his greed is tempered by a wish to share that knowledge with everyone, and he hopes to write a number of texts on everything from the arcane arts to the finer points of economic success.

A revelation prior to the Summit at the war camp where Gaeryth resided regarding the nature of Picard-Spock occurred: the man had been kidnapped and replaced by a doppelganger agent of Luwan.

With the death of DoppelJim at the hands of Valiar on 9 September, FoA 201, the question as to how AuthentiJim will fare is lain bare. Gods only know where he is.

Jim Picard-Spock (Riktof)

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