Gawain Blise

A hefty cleric with an ego larger than Atnuul Itself.



Ex-Cleric of Valiar (Old God) 7, Warmage 1


Teufelbane (Bayoneted Crossbow)
Ruminato (+1 Hammer of Returning)


Carries a shield with the symbol of Valiar on it (will soon be repainted).
Wears a solid red cloak, symbolizing his new allegiance to Kaetar.
Cool as hell.


Gawain Blise was born to a family of guilt-ridden rogues in a small port town hardly worth mentioning. His early childhood was the epitome of petty crime and reckless mischief though his parents paid him no punishment. To be frank, his parents were just as terrible as he, particularly his father. He learned from him how to be quick to judge and even quicker to show great hatred towards those who cheated him.

This did not go on for long though for at the age of only 13 Gawain watched as his father was hung for his countless crimes. The image shocked Gawain out of his habit and into the church, where he believed he would redeem himself before it was too late. His loyalty to Pelor was surprisingly quick and strong. In only 5 years he worked from being a simple Initiate of Pelor to a full-blown Cleric, fit for combat duty in the name of the Sun God.

With his success came a great ambition to see the world and spread the name of his beloved god. With full intent to purge the world of evil and spread the light he left his home with Warden, a childhood friend. Their travels together brought many things to his attention, most specifically the fact that so few people actually cared for what he had to say. Whether it was lack of interest in his gospel or a dislike for Gawain in general, people just didn’t want to listen to him. With that in mind Gawain strived for a high pedestal made of fame and glory. Perhaps from there he could finally break through to everyone.

- After many hours listening to Beric speak of the treachery of the New Gods and the more reasonable ideas of the Old, Gawain has shifted his allegiance to that of Valiar. This has only watered the seed of his growing ego with the belief that his ideals are correct. Perhaps this god will be one of greater power and a more accepted gospel.

- Gawain’s first meeting with Valiar was lackluster to say the least. Upon standing at the foot of his supposed god, Gawain felt nothing but contempt. Forget the Sentinels, why have the Old Gods sat uselessly on this island for so long, not so much as making a dent in the history of the world? This angers him and cracks his faith, creating a fault-line that will not be easily repaired.

- It is final. The gods are not worth Gawain’s time. It has become apparent that he need not worry about the gods’ work, but his own. With help from Aelem and Jim [needs citation], Gawain has been practicing the arcane, slowly working up the path of Warmage. With the power this magic holds he will be able to conquer many foes and finally prove to all that he is more important than they previously thought.

- After meeting Valiar once again in the Valley of Life, Gawain found that his rudeness towards him did not warrant further worship. After leaving the throne room with a rather rude hand gesture, Gawain found himself suddenly stripped of all cleric abilities. As he walked back to the boat with his friends, reveling in the thoughts of a life without worship (and DoppelJim), Kaetar approached the group. His willingness to help the party and his general brotier-edness made Gawain realize that not all gods are useless sacks of trash and can occasionally be trusted. With hopes that finding the Red Master Dragon will appease Kaetar as a divine quest, he continues on with the party through the Jarle Wastes.

- It seems the Wastes are not nearly as empty as they seemed. Along the way home Gawain was attacked along with the rest of the party by a Great Sandworm. The battle was long and deadly, with Torgnan and Gawain fighting side by side, forging a friendship that can only be found within combat. Unfortunately, Gawain was singled out by the worm and swallowed whole. Before he could be fully digested, his friends pulled him out, leaving him with acidic burn scars spotting some parts of his body. He is happy to be alive, but he really didn’t think he would die anyways.

*On Torg’s confession
- Gawain wasn’t surprised at Torgnan’s confession, nor was he frightened by it. In his eyes, as long as he isn’t backstabbing Gawain, everything is fine. Plus he helped Gawain get that mirror for cheap. Bros for life.

Gawain Blise

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