A comatose former hero.


Height: 6’8" Weight: 240lb Eyes: Grey Hair: Blond


Once the High Commander of the Kor’Akhvel, Beric is, since the end of the War of the Realms, a trusted figure in many small towns in the Kingdom of Royce.

  • High Commander of the Kor’Akhvel
  • Sixth King of the Demarans
  • Third Master of the Blue Cloak of Valiar
    Beric is an Atnuuli warrior who promotes peace and neutrality. Before the Banishment of the Atnuuli he was a close friend of all of the other Sentinels, and when the Artisan’s wave of banishment was to reach all of the Sentinels at the Baran home, he attempted to salvage not only the Sentinels, but the family of Ajani Baran (the fisherman who was to become Ne’Arel) as well. His reach was not enough, and so he was unable to save Ajani’s wife and sons. During the War of the Realms, he fought for the Firmament and refused to acknowledge their defeat, pursuing Pelor’s army across the land that is now the Jarle Wastes. He accompanied Gaeryth Stonecloak, another of the Kor’Akhvel, to Demara sometime near the beginning of The Reckoning, the very first age of all the world. While here, he became a friend to all Demarans and took on their appearance, in particular their fair hair and striking electric blue eyes. In response to reports of a massive force of unknown races mustering in the south of the realm, Beric took Gaeryth and a masive force of Demarans to combat the threat, leaving the continent of Demara in the hands of his advisor, Darean. In Beric’s absence, Demara fell to the Baki’Kal, and none of the Demarans survived. The War of the Realms began in FA 996, at which point he and the other four Kor’Akhvel led the army of the Firmament against the invading legions of Pelor, a battle that cost many millions of lives and ultimately resulted in the fall of the Old Gods. After the final battle at Caer Pelannon, Beric led the remainder of the army across central Belagere and confronted Pelor’s troops upon the plains of the great East continent. The power commanded in this battle blasted the land and reduced it to a charred desert, the ground filled with so much residual magic that any spell cast within or across it is sure to fail. Beric’s daughter Kaesta, the Second Master of the Blue Cloak of Valiar, perished in this battle. Infuriated, Beric donned the Blue Cloak and continued his pursuit of the legion backed by the remainder of the army he once commanded, approximately one thousand troops. There was a great battle within the throne room of Kaetar’s Temple, and nearly all of Beric’s troops were slain. This battle ended the War of the Realms, and saw the imprisonment of Moradin within a massive diamond left at the battlefield, which the armies of Pelor feared to retrieve. Beric then lived quietly until the FoA 197, when he began recruiting warriors and adventurers to fight in the Second War of the Realms. These became some of Beric’s allies in the fight against the New Gods and Luwan.

Beric was located in a small clearing on the continent of Demara, hiding from the Twisted Ones. After only a small amount of persuasion, he agreed to break the Pact and accompanied the party and the other surviving Sentinels to the Valley of Life, where they were cast out by Valiar, who expressed disinterest in protecting the mortals and charged the Sentinels with either saving them or watching them all perish.

He was grievously injured during the party’s tenure in the Jarle Wastes; during a fight with a great sandworm, Beric fell under the beast and his leg was trapped. The worm continued to writhe, eventually reducing his left leg to nothing more than a gritty, bloody paste seeping into the sands of the blasted desert. After losing a vast amount of blood, Beric was stabilized by Aelem Taidan and, barring sudden infection, is now on the road to recovery. He remains comatose at the home of William Alder in Corullon, where he is being carefully monitored and treated by Aelem.


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