The Two Banner War: Part Two

The Hunt for Stone Cloaks, Session 1

The party, accompanied by Ajani, Aelem, and a newly awakened Bart, left Eastport for the War Camp near Corullon. Upon arrival, Gaeryth Stonecloak was located in the main tent, as expected, and when Ajani entered, Gaeryth moved to confront him, also as expected. After being embarrassingly halted by Aelem, Gaeryth calmed down slightly and listened to Warden as he explained the current situation. After laying down all weapons, the party attempted to convince Gaeryth that it was time for the Sentinels to lay bare the truth about themselves and the Pact, and at the time seemed successful. However, when the truth was revealed about Jim and his ties to Luwan, Gaeryth’s anger overcame him and he attacked with two knives that he had concealed rather than laying them down upon request, throwing the first knife at Aelem (hitting him in the heart) and lunging at “Jim” with the second. Ajani managed to save “Jim” from the initial lunge, and an altercation ensued between Ajani and Gaeryth, culminating in Ajani slamming Gaeryth into the central tent post and opening his throat, killing him. Aelem, mortally wounded, his life force bleeding out into the dirt, required immediate attention to save his life. Fortunately, Warden’s quick thinking and Gawain’s medical expertise, Aelem was spared a slow, painful death. While Aelem was still bleeding, as he was being attended to, two couriers entered the tent and, shocked by what they saw, moved to leave the tent and alert the troops. However, Aelem knocked both of them unconscious and, to avoid information about Gaeryth’s death getting out until after they were well away from the scene, the party opted to take both of the couriers with them, a female Demaran and a male Gnome. Now it is up to the party to find the other Sentinels and convince them to lift their veil of supremacy…



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