The Two Banner War: Part Two

For the Sake of Royce, Session 2

In silence we speak.

While Torgnan, Gawain and Bart were off on their mirror-finding mission and just generally bothering Gery the antique shop keeper, Ceasok, Warden and Ajani left to enter the home of Gyles Vastrei, the leader of the rangers who have closed down the border of Royce. The group was nearly intercepted by a guard patrol, which Ajani expertly diverted, and with a couple of spells and some manual dexterity were able to enter Vastrei’s home. However, Warden carelessly stepped inside and tripped a wire, causing him to be hit by a dart which made him feel awfully ill. After thoroughly investigating the bottom floor of the house and not finding any traps, Ceasok and Warden began to climb the stairs, but Warden expertly located another tripwire across the bottom step. After alerting Ceasok, the two deftly bypassed the wire and continued up the stairs into a small observatory-like room with a large table and a single door. Investigation of this door proved inconclusive, but fortunately, Warden decided to go the extra mile and look through the keyhole; on the other side, on a small table, was a crossbow aimed at the doorway and rigged to fire when the door was opened. Ceasok used his magical skill and remotely disarmed the trap, clearing the way for the two to move into what looked like a bedroom. The desk nearby showed evidence of various correspondences, and a single caged pigeon fluttered in a cage by the window restlessly. A single note, rolled up and tied with red ribbon, was discovered on the desk, which read “The Hilt-Breaker sleeps. In silence we speak.”Warden looked over the rest of the desk for traps and discovered that one of the drawers was rigged to ignite when opened. In his attempt to disarm the trap, however, Warden pulled the striker forward, taking the drawer with it and setting the desk ablaze. No papers were salvaged, but a box, apparently made of steel and meant to survive the fire, was recovered from the ash. This was taken back to Will’s house, as the duo made a daring escape out the back window just as the town guards erupted into the main entry hall. After weaving through a multitude of alleys, avoiding the notice both of Corullon’s guard presence and of Vastrei himself, the two returned to Will’s house, and Ajani arrived shortly afterward. The group then opened the lockbox, which contained many copies of a note to the duke of Corullon, stamped with the wax seal of King Allister and claiming that Vastrei’s rangers are acting under his orders, and a heavy gold signet ring bearing the seal in question. The party came to the conclusion that Vastrei has been unlawfully giving orders in Allister’s name. While the mirror-hunters were still on their errand, Warden and Gawain paid a visit to Jalar Kayedin, a shopkeep with whom they had prior dealings, and purchased a one-pound sack of the strongest pipeweed available. Dubbing their new acquisition “devil’s weed”, the two went back to Will’s guest house and effectively hotboxed it. Even the Sentinels were not immune to the sweet, alluring smell of the herb, and were internally compelled to partake. Ne’Arel stole a loaf of bread from Will’s house, and the sun began to set.



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