The Two Banner War: Part Two

For the Sake of Royce, Session 1

Suspicions realized.

After a few more long weeks spent hauling a very heavy comatose Beric, the party exited the Jarle Wastes and entered the southern portion of the Divide. As soon as Aelem was able, the party teleported to the edge of the war camp outside Corullon, from which Dar’Lomn leapt through the forest toward the large trade city nearby. The rest of the party, once they caught up to Dar’Lomn, found their way to the smithy owned by William Alder, a blacksmith whom Gawain and Warden had befriended shortly after first meeting Beric. Despite some reservation on Will’s part, the entire amalgam of adventurers was allowed into Will’s home, to stay indefinitely in a guest house nearby (except for Aelem and Beric, who were allowed to remain inside on account of Beric’s condition). Will informed them of Gyles Vastrei, a ranger working for Darean who has closed down the border of Royce (and who happens to live in Corullon as well). He suggested that he be their first target. Gawain, Torgnan, Bart and Frea left the following morning to locate a mirror to plant in the lair of Kivilna’ak, a mission which was, after a bit of “haggling”, ultimately successful. In the meantime, Ceasok, Warden and Ajani went to break into Vastrei’s home in Corullon, in the hopes of unearthing some vital information regarding other allies of Darean.



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