The Two Banner War: Part Two

The Fall, Session 1

The death of DoppelJim.

The party began in a clearing on Demara after having spoken to Beric about possible options. After a bit more discussion, the decision was made to travel to the Valley of Life, both to break the Pact of Neutrality and to inquire as to the locations of any of the Master Metallic Dragons. Aelem informed the party that spells cannot be cast in such a way that they affect the Valley, so the only option was to take a boat. At Aelem’s suggestion, the party teleported to the city of Sotus on the Halo, which proved to be every bit as run down and rag-tag as Aelem described. Ajani took the liberty of “procuring” a boat for the group and taking a brief swim to test the waters, and with that they set sail for the Valley of Life.

Later that evening, Ajani encountered a bit of difficulty opening the door to his cabin. Upon picking the lock and getting inside, a man (presumably the ship’s captain) was found unconscious in the room’s only bed, wineskin in hand and with bottles strewn about. After a morbid brainstorming session involving many possible ill fates for the drunken shipmaster, Aelem tasked himself with removing the fellow from the boat by lifting him, bed and all, and teleporting away. Upon his return, he informed the party that he had left him in a northern Dwarven city, and that he would be in for a surprise when he woke up.

A week into their voyage, they were joined by an unexpected but very welcome guest: Dar’Lomn. As is his nature, he entered quite ceremoniously, and all were glad to see him. After lightening the mood considerably with his spontaneity, he was informed of the plan, to which he grudgingly agreed, despite his demeanor which, as is also his nature, suggested absolute joy at the idea. The party then continued the voyage West.

Upon their arrival in the Valley, they were greeted, as expected, by Gorfell the First Master of the Yellow Cloak of Jarkur. After being all but shoved aside by Beric, he allowed the group passage into the Vali’Akhvel Pelannoni (old tongue; translates directly to highest lords’ cities but is more commonly translated as cities of the gods). The party made the trek up the mountain to the throne room and were met by Valiar, flaunting his power and making his anger evident in his mocking tone and icy glare. He demanded that the Axis be given to him, and he then destroyed it, blinding several in the throne room and causing those present to experience the unshakable feeling that something impossibly huge stirred behind the sky, as though the void around the world were awakening. Valiar then flatly refused to aid the Sentinels and the party, and after being openly defied by Warden and affronted by Gawain’s body language, he sent them from the throne room. Gawain was stripped of all his powers, and “Jim” was less lucky. On 9 September, FoA 201, DoppelJim angered Valiar, and Valiar saw fit to end his life in an avalanche of stone and hate, leaving nothing behind but a messy pulp. After seeing this, Bart Wilhelm, the last party member remaining in the throne room, fled in terror, leaving the mocking King of the Gods behind.

After escaping from the Vali’Akhvel Pelannoni, when they party was just about to begin rowing back to the ship, Kaetar Flame-Hammer, the God of Crafts, left the Valley for the first time since the Pact to meet them. He first informed them that Valiar was not acting himself and would not normally have cast aside the mortal races. He then offered the location of the only Master Dragon whose whereabouts he knew – Kivilna’ak, the Master Red. He cautioned the group, as Kivilna’ak is extremely powerful, and then ripped the blue gem from his belt before informing the group that he was about to return to the throne room and attempt a coup d’├ętat. The party then left frantically, as they were uncertain how the coming battle would affect them if they tarried. After reaching the ship, Aelem teleported them back to his house, where they remained for a few hours before noticing a monstrous, horizon-spanning wave on a collision course with their current location. Aelem frantically gathered the group (and their loyal companion, Bark the Mighty Ember-Foe) and teleported them away. The intended target of this travel is unknown as of yet, but the group found themselves somewhere in a desert which, after magical testing, proved to be the Jarle Wastes. The group is now stranded, with minimal supplies, in a dangerous desert thousands of miles wide, with no way to determine their exact location therein.



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