Darkness falls upon Pelkaera. The fog of war descends.

Battle has erupted between the forces of the One Banner Legion and those of the arch-lich Luwan. A mass of troops has been eradicated, but more spill across the plains of central Belagere, threatening to wipe out entire nations as they did Savonia.

The party continues to gather its army. Torgnan has taken command of a detachment of troops, and the remainder have moved to his grounds under the leadership of Maerak Tarmikos, a renowned general. Warden has secured the aid of the Gnomish Covenant of Nations. Ceasok and Torgnan ended the civil war that threatened to destroy Azera and turned the nation to their aid. The pieces are set upon the board, and the winds of wrath threaten to lay them all over.

The Two Banner War: Part Two

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